Wavezon has a system designed to allow network engineers to recode optical transceivers to be compatible with almost all network platforms. The system is designed for field use for maximum efficiency.
When technicians insert a transceiver into the SmartCoder, the system will automatically display diagnostics, coding history, and coding options for the module. The user can then select the desired configuration, and the SmartCoder will reconfigure the device in seconds.

The SmartCoder is compatible with SFP/SFP+, XFP, and QSFP optical transceivers.
Programmers are have special instructions with help which it is possible to implement algorithms for reprogramming write-protected transceivers. We are providing free software, which comes with a set of scripts for programming write-protected transceivers.

Other services:

  • Find me an equipment
  • Build me a network from the ground up
  • Upgrade my network
  • Fast implementation in Data centers located in Bucharest, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Washington